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SoundSpeak LC

The Open Book - 671 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley, CA, United States

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Flute, folk, and guitar: SoundSpeak LC at the Open Book 

SoundSpeak LC consists of Harry Chrissakis on vocals, harmonicas, flute, melodica and percussion and Blair Liggett on vocals and guitar. They will perform original songs at the Open Book on Saturday, March 3rd at 7:30pm. $10 tickets will be available at the door, 671 Maltman Drive in Grass Valley.

Blair and Harry began writing and performing original material about 15 years ago. At that time they moved through a series of bands, starting out in a cover band named 'Sammy's Project' (a 7 piece band), winding up 4 years later as a four piece original band. That period lasted about 3 to 4 years. When that 4 piece band dissolved, Blair and Harry seemed to go into a 10 year musical silence, which lasted until about 5 years ago. That is when they got back together and started again. Something definitely happened in that 10 year period. What exactly that something was remains rather mysterious, because the nature and quality of the written material changed, producing a higher level and a greater quantity of music. Right now they have between 25-30 complete pieces, with about 10 more in the wind, waiting to land. There's also 5-10 more complete pieces that cannot be performed without a full band. They are in the process of auditioning a keyboard player and a percussionist. Know anyone worthwhile in the Northern California area? 

The poetry and musical styles they embrace are relatively wide and so this results in an eclectic sound firmly rooted in their musical influences. Blair is from a town near Pittsburgh Pa. and Harry is from Jersey City, NJ., both from the east coast with 1 year's difference in age. Many of our musical influences are similar. 

Blair writes almost all of the music as of late and Harry most of the lyrics. There is a great mystery in creative collaboration. There is also the great challenge of compatibility. People become very close to one another when they take up these kinds of projects. That means all things useful get mixed in with the rest. This is one major reason bands are so fragile. 

Blair and Harry have a common ground called need. A need to play music and a need to create art. It is a driving force that encourages one to do all kinds of interesting things, such as get along with others in order to produce material. Blair and Harry are both aware of this and somehow are able to use it as a positive force.

Light refreshments will be available for purchase. 


671 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley, CA, United States (Get Directions)